What are the roles and responsibilities of the HyDeploy project partners?

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HyDeploy is being delivered by the HyDeploy consortium, which has technical expertise and practical experience. The partners are:

Cadent Gas (formerly National Grid Gas Distribution) is leading HyDeploy. It owns and operates four of the eight gas distribution networks in the UK, including the West Midlands.

Northern Gas Networks is partnered with Cadent to deliver HyDeploy. The project supports its work exploring the future role of gas.  It owns and operates the gas network in the North East, Northern Cumbria and much of Yorkshire.

Keele University is hosting HyDeploy on its campus and the University’s Materials Department are carrying out research on the impact of hydrogen on materials.

Health & Safety Laboratory is the scientific arm of the Health & Safety Executive. It will be providing the scientific evidence which will support the safety case for the trial.

ITM Power manufacture integrated hydrogen energy solutions. It will be supplying the hydrogen production unit for HyDeploy.

Progressive Energy is an independent UK clean energy company. It will be supporting HyDeploy through development and implementation.


Supporting companies

Kiwa specialise in gas testing. It is carrying out offsite testing on a range of common household appliances to inform the project, and will lead the gas safety appliance checks on the campus.

Dave Lander – is an internationally recognised expert in gas quality an safety and is co-ordinating the application to the HSE.

Otto Simon Limited – is an engineering consultancy and project delivery organisation, responsible for the installation of hydrogen equipment onsite.

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