How is Keele University involved?

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Keele University is a project partner for HyDeploy. Keele is:-

Hosting the live trial – Part of Keele University’s private gas network on the campus is the host for a live trial. This includes the homes and academic buildings on this part of the network.

A research partner – Keele University is studying the impact of hydrogen on (1) gas pipework; and (2) how the gas flame burns.

HyDeploy is part of Keele University’s commitment to world-leading research into environmental sustainability. It is part of the wider sustainability focus under the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator Programme (SEND).

It is being led at Keele by the Directorate of Engagement and Partnerships, and the Estates and Development Directorate.

Both teams have been closely involved with the planning phases for HyDeploy. Estates will be a central point of contact for householders and communities in the trial area.

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