Positive progress to reduce UK C0₂ emissions

About HyDeploy

HyDeploy is a pioneering hydrogen energy project to reduce UK carbon dioxide CO2 emissions.

It will deliver a blend of hydrogen and natural gas to homes and businesses in a selected area for a 12 month trial period. The goal of HyDeploy is to demonstrate that a blend of hydrogen and natural gas can be used by customers without any changes to their behaviour or existing gas appliances. The HyDeploy live trial is being hosted on the Keele University campus in Staffordshire. Click here if you live in the trial area.

What is happening now?

HyDeploy is now in Phase II. Approval has been granted from the UK Health & Safety Executive to run a 12 month live trial of blended hydrogen and natural gas beginning in Summer 2019. The hydrogen delivery will be up to 20%.

We are now in the ‘Build’ phase of the project, which runs until approx. May 2019. During this Phase, the hydrogen production unit and other supporting equipment will be constructed on the Keele University site ready for the live trial.

You can find out more about hydrogen production here.

Delivering HyDeploy

HyDeploy is being delivered by the HyDeploy consortium, led by Cadent and Northern Gas Networks. The HyDeploy live trial is being hosted on the Keele University campus in Staffordshire.

A green light from the Health & Safety Executive

The HyDeploy live trial has been given the go ahead by the UK Health & Safety Executive.

Hydrogen progress across the world

HyDeploy As the impacts of climate extremes begin to bite around the globe, with landslides and floods, droughts and species extinction all becoming routine headlines, the need to take action now to reduce human generated carbon dioxide emissions has never been so clear.