What is happening on HyDeploy now?

The UK Health & Safety Executive has approved the 12 month trial to start in Summer 2019.

The current phase of HyDeploy involved building and installing the equipment to deliver the hydrogen on the Keele University site.

Why was the hydrogen level set at a maximum of 20%?

The decision to blend at 20% (vol.) is based on:

1. Information from earlier studies indicate that this level of blending
is not likely to present any extra risk to that associated with natural
gas delivery.

2. 20% is the level where it is expected that gas customers use and appliances will not be affected.

3. Since 1993, under EU legislation, all new gas appliances are performance and safety tested with methane blended with 23% hydrogen.

Beyond HyDeploy, other projects are looking at how higher concentrations of hydrogen could work on different parts of the national gas network in the future (Northern Gas Networks, H21), as well as with gas appliances (BEIS innovation funding).

Will the gas safety advice be different when the hydrogen is added?

Gas safety advice for customers will remain the same during a live trial of blended natural gas and hydrogen, and the number you call in an emergency remains the same.

What will happen next for householders in the trial area?

During Phase 2, householders will be invited to have a further standard gas safety check in their home. This is the same standard check that landlords must provide to tenants in rented properties. It is to provide reassurance that all of the current gas installations in the trial area meet current safety standards.

Who is involved in HyDeploy?

HyDeploy is being delivered by the HyDeploy consortium, which has technical expertise and practical experience.

Consortium members: Cadent Gas Limited, Northern Gas Networks, Keele University, Health & Safety Laboratory, ITM Power and Progressive Energy.

Delivery of HyDeploy is also supported by specialist gas safety testing specialists Kiwa, industry research experts Dave Lander and technical consultants Otto Simon Limited.

Will the hydrogen/gas blend delivered in the trial affect customer bills?

The change from normal gas to blended gas during the live trial will not cost customers in the trial area more. The HyDeploy team has worked with Ofgem, the energy regulator to ensure this is the case.