HyDeploy North East

An exciting next step

HyDeploy North East

An exciting next step in tackling climate change

The second phase of HyDeploy will follow the same tried and tested approach used at Keele.   It will use the same technology which has been tested and approved; the same rigorous approach to safety and the same Gas Safe checks for customers’ appliances.

The main difference with this demonstration is that we will be using the hydrogen with a wider variety of customers – more representative of the UK as a whole – on a public gas network.  That means that the results will be more relevant for a national move towards using hydrogen, which is our ultimate aim.

So, around 670 households and several businesses will be using the hydrogen blend from December 2020, following HSE approval.

The gas network in this case is managed by Northern Gas Networks (NGN) which makes it a public network unlike the network at Keele which is private.

One of the first steps in this second phase will be to inform everyone who lives in the selected area that the demonstration is going ahead; we’re doing that right now. Once we have done that, we will reveal the precise location and timing to everyone. Make sure you keep an eye on this website for the latest updates.