Gas appliance safety check for your home

As part of Phase 1, the HyDeploy project team would like to perform free safety checks on all of the gas appliances in the proposed trial area. This includes the University buildings, houses and blocks of flats.

You can find out more about what these checks involve by watching the short animation.

Booking my safety check

Click here to book your appointment or call 01782 733777.

Groups of properties have been allocated 2-3 week slots for testing. If you are unable to make one of the appointment times for your area, contact or call the number above.

Booking Zones/Dates:

Church Plantation Flats and Drive Lodge or Holly Lodge – From 8th Jan – 19th Jan

Larchwood – From 29th Jan – 8th Feb

Church Plantation Housing – From 12th Feb – 23rd Feb

Covert – From 26th Feb – 9th March.

Your consent form must be received by the Estates & Development Office at least 48 hours before your appointment. You can return this in the SAE enclosed with the form, or in person to the Estates Office.

Address: HyDeploy Operations Team, William Emes Building (ST5 5BG).

Why do you need to check my appliances?

Over the last few months, the Health & Safety Laboratory has been researching how a blend of hydrogen and natural gas performs on a range of common household gas appliances in a laboratory.  The gas safety checks will provide important information from homes in the proposed trial area, as well as assurance that existing gas systems are safe.

All the information collected in Phase 1 will be presented to the Health & Safety Executive to help them make a decision about whether HyDeploy can go ahead to a live trial.

What happens if one of my appliances isn’t working properly?

The HyDeploy project will pay for the full cost of repairing and replacing any gas appliances recommended for repair or replacement. The Keele Estates team will work with you to arrange this.

Throughout HyDeploy all properties that are part of the trial will also receive a free annual gas boiler service.

If you have questions about the gas safety checks call 01782 733777 or email

What if I don’t agree to the safety check?

You can decide not to have your gas appliances safety checked. It is highly recommended that you do have your appliances checked so the HyDeploy project team has as much information as possible about homes in the trial area to present to the HSE. It is also an opportunity for you to have a free gas safety check for your home.