HyDeploy at Keele: The UK’s first demonstration

Live demonstration of blended hydrogen and natural gas started in Autumn 2019

About the Demonstration

The demonstration of blended hydrogen and natural gas ran from Autumn 2019 until Spring 2021.

The blend of gas delivered to 100 homes at Keele included up to 20% hydrogen (vol.). We aimed to demonstrate that this blended gas could be used by customers in the same way that natural gas is today.  There don’t need to be any changes to their domestic appliances so we did not expect customers to notice any differences at all during the demonstration.

The map shows the area of the campus that took part in the HyDeploy project.

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Approval for the Demonstration

This blend was approved for delivery under the UK’s Gas Safety (Management) Regulations (GS(M)R). This means it has been delivered as legally compliant gas during the live demonstration and is considered to be ‘as safe as natural gas’ for customers to use. The approval followed a thorough assessment of the evidence gathered during Phase 1 of HyDeploy.  This included data from appliances in homes at Keele and information from laboratory testing.

Safety checks and servicing and billing

HyDeploy offered householders and tenants in the demonstration area at Keele the option of a standard Annual Gas Safety check before it started.

Annual Gas Safe checks are part of Keele’s responsibility as a landlord for tenanted properties. For the purposes of HyDeploy this was extended as an offer to all homes in the demonstration area.

The change from normal gas to blended gas during the demonstration did not cost customers more. We have worked with Ofgem, the energy regulator to ensure this is the case.