Successful Completion of the HyDeploy Trial at Keele University

Successful Completion of the HyDeploy Trial at Keele University

HyDeploy, the first project in the UK to blend hydrogen into a natural gas network, has successfully completed the Keele University trial.

The trial began in October 2019 and has taken place on a private gas network at Keele University campus, safely supplying a blend to 100 homes and 30 university buildings. During the trial customers at Keele have used hydrogen blended gas safely in their homes and without the need to make any changes to their existing appliances.

Engineers are carrying out work within the compound on campus to formally revert the gas supply back to natural gas.

We look forward to sharing the project’s findings in a full report, to be published later this year.

Sikander Mahmood, Cadent Project Manager, said: “On behalf of all the HyDeploy partners I would like to thank the customers at Keele University for their willingness to take part in this trial. Blending hydrogen into the natural gas network is a critical stepping stone in helping the UK reach Net Zero by 2050.”

*HyDeploy Phase 2 will begin on a public gas network later this spring at Winlaton, Gateshead subject to final approval by HSE. *