One step closer to a hydrogen energy future

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One step closer to a hydrogen energy future

HyDeploy faces the beast from the east for the project’s official launch.

It was a day that heat was needed if ever there was one. At the end of February, HyDeploy was officially launched to government and industry stakeholders and national media in London.

The launch event was a great opportunity to tell the story of HyDeploy to stakeholders who are thinking about UK heat policy and where gas can play a part. Sir Edward Davey (former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change) provided a keynote alongside presentations from the project team and a Q&A panel.

“HyDeploy is really exciting because it is one of those projects that is trying to answer that question about how we lower our carbon emissions in the heating sector. This is critical because we haven’t yet worked this out and it is our number one challenge.”

Over the last 12 months, the project team have been busy with customer engagement on the Keele campus, including gas safety checks on the gas appliances in homes in the trial area and testing blended gas combinations in the laboratory. The testing continues over the next few weeks and then all of the information will be put together into a safety case to be presented to the UK Health & Safety Executive.

HyDeploy is an important project for the UK as it could ultimately inform future hydrogen delivery for homes, industry and transport. The results of HyDeploy could provide a platform for a trial on a public network, and wider roll out.