A green light from the Health & Safety Executive

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A green light from the Health & Safety Executive

The HyDeploy live trial has been given the go ahead by the UK Health & Safety Executive.

It will be the first UK trial of blended hydrogen and natural gas, and takes the UK one step closer to finding out how hydrogen could lower UK carbon dioxide emissions from heat.

The trial will run for 12 months blending up to 20% hydrogen with natural gas on part of the private gas network at Keele University, starting in Summer 2019. Around 130 homes and buildings will receive the gas blend.

The approval follows over a year of planning, laboratory research and checks of appliances in customers’ homes to prepare a safety case for the Health & Safety Executive. The project will provide valuable evidence about hydrogen use, and if successful could lead to further public network trials.

The project now enters the build phase where the hydrogen delivery equipment will be installed on the Keele University campus.

Customer engagement for HyDeploy
The goal of HyDeploy is to demonstrate that a blend of hydrogen and natural gas can be used by customers without disruption. Customers at Keele are not expected to notice any difference when using the blended gas for cooking and heating, and no changes to their appliances are needed.

We have been talking to our customers at Keele over the last year all about HyDeploy and have received great support. This will continue through the next phase.